Having had back pain for years and skeptical of chiroprapractors I randomly walked in Dr. Motels’ clinic. We talked about the process and options and decided to give him a “crack” at my pain;) Glad I did! Even after one visit I was hopping out of my truck and even putting my socks on without grimacing in pain. If you suffer do yourself a favor and see him. It’s also a low pressure and affordable solution.
— Paul H

Dr. Mike Motel made me believe in chiropractic! Years ago, I had a very bad experience with chiropractic and I wrote the whole thing off. But this past summer, while on a business trip to Bellingham, I injured my back and literally could not move. I was carried in to the bed, where I remained for two days before I could even sit up. It was recommended that I see Dr. Mike. I was apprehensive at first, but he was spectacular! He explained everything he was doing BEFORE he did it, and he moved at the pace I was comfortable with, which was very slow! He was patient and did not pressure me at all. My injury was so extensive that I had to see him 5 days in a row. In that time, I went from hardly being able to move, relying heavily on a walker to get around, to standing upright and walking normally with only minimal pain. He got me to the point where I could travel and return home, where I continued my rehabilitation. The only downside to the whole thing is that I do not live in Bellingham so that I can see him regularly! Thank you, Dr. Mike!!
— Rhett G

Dr. Mike is amazing! Especially for someone new to chiropractic and/or in extreme pain! He is wonderfully patient, explains every process and makes sure you are comfortable with what he is doing BEFORE he does it. Just awesome! I can’t say enough great things about him!
— Lydia K

Dr Mike has been a huge help to my wife through her pregnancy and therefore a huge help to me! She is carrying twins and looks forward to her weekly adjustment because it always makes her feel better. We feel lucky to have found him. He is easy to be around and I’m no expert but his method of adjusting just the parts of the spine that are out makes a lot more sense to me then adjusting the whole spine and hoping everything lands in place. I know we will continue to use his services and will continue to recommend him to others.
— Brent A

If you are in constant pain and see no relief ahead, look no further than Dr. Mike Motel. He is young, passionate, new to town and a breath of fresh air to the practice of chiropractic care. Look no further. Convenient downtown Bellingham, WA location and a practitioner of the Gonstead Method.
Chiropractic care has been part of my regular wellness routine since 2010. Since then I have gone through many life situations that entailed high stress and a lot of such stress making my body constantly hurt. Upon learning of moving to Bellingham, one of the first few things I did was google Gonstead practitioners, and of course came up empty handed. Well at least this was as of March of 2015. At such time, there was no Gonstead practitioner in Bellingham, WA. When I was making my appointment with the closest practitioner in Mount Vernon, she put me on hold and came back to tell me that she remembered that there was a new Gonstead practitioner who actually got adjusted at their office, but she was pretty sure he was in Bellingham. This was the best news ever! Low and behold and yes, a new doctor had opened his practice and he practiced the Gonstead method! This was Dr. Motel, who prefers we call him Dr. Mike. Since my first visit on July 31, I have been in great hands!

The Gonstead method is a method of chiropractor care that only targets the areas that need to be treated, a.k.a. adjusted. I use to see a chiropractor that would adjust me from head to toe at EVERY visit and I never got better.

Dr. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and honest. He takes the time to thoroughly examine his patients, reviews their x-rays multiple times as a reference and explains his findings and what his treatment plan is. And the best thing, be sides Dr. Mike is that often times he brings his dogs to the office! They make the adjustment that much more enjoyable.

And by chance, Dr. Mike’s fiance is a local veterinarian- whom now treats my two fur children! My entire family is in such great hands! Bellingham is lucky to have attracted such great talent to the area!

Thanks for being amazing Dr. Mike.
— Maria P

Mike puts in a lot of effort that might otherwise go unnoticed by his patients, but that’s exactly what sets him apart from other chiropractors (who simply want to hook you up to stimulation machine and leave you in a room for half an hour). Hi attention to detail is unmatched and he has a genuine interest in healing and learning about his patients, rather than simply unquestioningly adhering to outdated or unnecessary methods.
— Joshua S

As a medicinal chemist I was skeptical of what a chiropractor could do. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dr. Mike can help you out whether your issue is a stiff neck or a limp or chronic headaches. I couldn’t get out of bed after a sports injury and felt much better, much faster than if I had just toughed it out. Dr. Mike’s a young, knowledgeable, athletic guy who knows what it takes to get into and stay in peak physical shape for whatever your sport may be. You won’t be sorry if you spend a few minutes with him.
— William M

Dr. Mike’s chiropractic skills, as mentioned before, are unmatched. His dedication to the specific technique, the Gonstead system, makes for an undeniably great chiropractic experience. With the specific problem and cause of the vertebral subluxation complex all that he focuses on, you will leave Dr. Mike’s with a better understanding of true health and wellness, as well as a new and refreshed view of Chiropractic. As a fellow Gonstead provider, there is no other doctor I would more willingly trust with my spine and health.
— Artie B

Dr. Motel is a refreshing change from most of the chiropractors in Bellingham. I would recommend anyone come to Ascend Chiropractic for really good chiropractic care without all the “other stuff” so many people try to sell you!
— Taylor K

As a chiropractor myself, I was very happy to find Dr. Motel. He is very passionate about what he does and is a very caring person. His Gonstead technique is very specific and painless. He uses digital X-rays and clearly explains where the problems are located in your spine. I had some real problems with my neck that he improved greatly. I highly recommend him for acute care and for preventive care for the whole family, especially children as they enter their growth spurt to make sure their spines are growing in proper alignment.
— Bart S

Mike is the man! I had a serious issue with my back/neck/shoulder (couldn’t turn my head or lie down comfortably) a few days before the biggest couple weeks of my career as a mountain guide. My wife called and he got me in 30 minutes later. After a thorough examination and adjustment I immediately felt better. Mike explains things well (without being condescending or sounding like a typical doctor/physician) and takes great personal interest in your well being and improvement. Would highly recommend going to him if you are need.
— Wyatt E

I had the best chiropractic experience I have ever had. Mike is amazing at what he does and is extremely personable. He made me feel very comfortable and I felt so much better after leaving. I will definitely be back!
— Christo B

I threw my back out on a Friday evening and Dr. Mike helped me on Saturday. I could barely walk and he gently put me back into place. I was definitely sore for a couple of days, but I can walk again. Thanks Dr. Mike for being there when I needed you.
— Aimee W

The Gonstead chiropractic technique is so precise! It is the core of chiropractics!
— Google User

Amazing clinic with an even more amazing doctor! Never felt better since seeing Dr. Motel.
— Abby K

Great location and overall welcoming and friendly environment. I always look forward to visiting Dr. Motel.
— Emily D

Dr. Motel was a pleasure to work with. His approach makes practical sense. I’d recommend him to any and all of my friends and family.
— Jeremy L

Dr. Mike knows his practice extremely well and goes above and beyond to fit you into his schedule. He treats his patients like friends and takes his time to figure out the best approach for your needs. After taking x-rays and using the nervoscope, he talks you through exactly what he sees and what needs work (in layman’s terms), which makes you feel comfortable in his care. Highly recommend!
— Whitney B

Dr. Mike is the bomb! He is patient and explained himself, his practice and his methodology very well. I felt comfortable and well taken care of. He improved numbness in my hands after a couple sessions, and I learned a lot about preventative care and my own health. I recommend Ascend Chiropractic for the care as well as the company–which often includes some pretty awesome doggies!
— Elma B

Once you walk into Accend Chiropractic you can tell that Dr. Mike truly cares about the health and wellbeing of every single one of his patients. His knowledge, compassion and adjusting skill are all top notch. Dr. Mike is the only chiropractor in Bellingham that I would recommend. Plus the downtown location is super convenient!
— Paul C